Get your Angry Birds Merchandise

Do you like Angry Birds game? You are a big fan of it and all you want is to get everything that is possible with your favorite game characters?

You can find everything you want on our Angry Bird fan shop if you are an Angry Birds fan, but you know everything about it? Without knowing something about this game you can’t be a Angry Bird fan.

The first game was released in December 2009 by Rovio Entertainment. You had just to throw birds into pigs’ fortresses. After that, year after year or even multiple times per year they tried to come with new things, themes, levels, or missions to make more people play their game and keep the first ones.
Until now Angry Birds knew is very popular and is one from the most played games in the whole world. They also change the themes, the genre of the game or the movie/the book they had inspire the game from.
For example, as genres you can find: puzzle, racing, role-playing, side-scrolling shooter, tile-matching or pinball and you can find games based on Star Wars, Transformers or Rio.

We have a very big Angry Birds Fan Shop from where you can buy mugs, T-shirts, different types of toys for your children or even for you, magnets for fridge, trinkets and not only.
We have a very diversified collection and you can buy T-shirts or mugs printed with your favorite character or gameplay. You can choose between having a character as he was for the first time or his appearance from the Star Wars or Rio games.
If we are out of stock, we can make another one for you as soon as possible. If we forgot to made a character or a specific design of it, you can tell us and we will make it for you and another angry birds fan!

You can also customize your own T-shirt, mug, magnet, or anything you want! You can choose what color you want, what character, how many characters and so on.

You can also send us a message to tell us what you think about us and what you want from us, because we are always available for you!

We add a filter to make the things easier for you. You can select what character you want and what color and you will get as result only what we have with your choice.
If you customize your product we will send it to you as soon as possible and we will wait for your feedback to found out if you like it.
In time, we will give you new options and personalized stuff available to buy. We ship everywhere around the world!

You can contact us anytime because Angry Birds Fan Shop wants to please its clients!